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Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop (Alternate Version)

About me .

 Penname : YuRo 
 Name : Maggie.Chiaki

  Age : Born in 1996 
 From : Somewhere only I know.....
 Currently studying at : Somewhere over the rainbow with the fairies......

 Hobby : Drawing , Acting , Singing . Basically anything related to arts fascinates me . 

  People who have inspired me : Chris Colfer and some more which I shall not name due to Lord Laziness . 

   Things I love : Arts , Glee , Anime , Darren Criss , Chris Colfer , Harry Potter and Diet Coke , Coffee , Oolong tea and Milk . 

  About myself : I love to draw . Drawing is everything to me . I have been drawing since I was 8 and I am still continuing . I am not very good , but who have to be good at the things they love to love it ? Drawing makes me happy , it feels like you are controlling a world with each line and each dots .  I also love acting . I love spending my time pretending to be someone else and escaped the reality for a few moments of the day . I love Glee , Harry Potter . Glee inspired me , it is also the first TV show that I have actually love . Harry Potter , Let just say I love it and I grew up with it . I am tearing up because it has ended . And Fred died , and I thought there would be no more characters death after Dumbledore . 

  Samples of my drawing which I might post....

I shipped Klaine . 


And I am a really open person . 


And If I studies at Hogwarts , I would be in....

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


Unchained Melody

All By Myself 『BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY』 Jamie O'Neal

Bon Jovi - It's my life (acoustic version)

 I found the acoustic version and I really freaking love it .


I am a girl born in 21.9.1996

I am Maggie

I am a 15 year old girl

I am a really random person

I shipped Klaine

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